What is the Best Way to Keep Track of Employee Tasks?

What is the Best Way to Keep Track of Employee Tasks?

Effectively managing tasks is essential for every team that tackles big, multifaceted initiatives. It is especially important in the tech sector, where individual tasks involve highly detailed, time-intensive, and complicated procedures. Every office require Employee Task Management Software to keep track of everything.

It’s possible to lose track of progress and the problems that could arise when a good plan is not in action.

But why do we require an Employee Task Management Software?

Employee task management software is a necessity. An easy task management software that will help you and your team become more prepared, effective, and accomplish more. Simply placed, a task management software can save valuable time-and resources-for you and your company.

The thing is – there are hundreds of applications with endless options available to monitor time. Monitoring efficiency, GPS monitoring, invoicing – the list begins and begins. Hence you need to figure out the most important features that you need in an Employee Task Management Software.


Features Of Employee Task Management Software

1.Measuring tasks

Your ideal Employee task management software should be able to set tasks up with incremental goals that are easy to measure and aim to keep productivity-focused on achieving those goals.

It will improve the office atmosphere by empowering teams and individuals with a sense of accomplishment as they could complete the tasks before deadlines met with less stress.

2. Set short term and long term aims to reach higher goals

The most important feature that an Employee task management software should have is to create short and long-term goals towards which your people can work.

Employees who can see a direct connection between their productivity and company goals are more productive than those who don’t or can’t see how their work affects company goals. 

3. Feedback cycle to and from employees

An even more effective means of improving the workplace environment is to ensure that departments and employees provide feedback and have the ability to receive their comments.

Good employee task management software should allow employees to give their feedback & be provided with feedback from others, too, so that they know that all inputs are valued. It leads to improving workplace culture, which has a positive impact on employees.

4. Keep tabs on sales productivity

Tracking sales performance can be a complex task, depending on the business field in which you’re involved. Find an employee task management software that gives a simple way to track the basics for a given time, such as sales, new customers, cost of sales, renewals, and any other data points related to your specific sector.

An employee task managing software to make the collective sales productivity data available to all team members is a boon for every firm.

5. Measure time management

It is more necessary to measure completed activities than the time it takes to complete them, and this is what the majority of experts believe in. But it’s also good to know how much time it takes for people to get a clear view of the real expense of programs, particularly big ones.

Teams see morale improving as timekeeping is simple and important to those who manage it.

6. Manage deadlines

One way to ensure performance for workers meets goals is by following deadlines. Teams will operate together even better if they grasp how the timeline for the entire project is planned. A little reminder about deadlines can be useful for employees at all levels.

Now that you know what “must-have features” an ideal Employee Task Management software should have, the question therefore remains is which one is the best?

Best Employee Task Management Software for you?

Here are the best task management software tools, so you can pick the perfect one for you, whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or operate a big company. 

1. PlanStreet

The Employee task Managing software from PlanStreet provides employees with a time control tool that often acts as a sophisticated supervisor alerting mechanism should any problems emerge. It invites timely communication to address such.

Team leaders are required to track and perform tasks from a different board of Kanban, utilizing the work management system for all initiatives allocated to them.

PlanStreet Employee Task Management

The board provides four forms of group drag and drop status buttons: To Execute, In progress, Finished, and tick marked – where project managers will get the updates.

Planstreet is a solid solution for providing both user engagement tools and enhanced training results along with overall productivity.

2. Basecamp

Basecamp offers quick accessibility to task monitoring and the freedom to take concrete actions to divide projects into step-by-step processes. It comes with a range of tools that meet any management needs, enabling users to customize their expertise and providing you a bird’s eye overview regarding your project updates.

basecamp Employee Task Management

In addition to this it is perfect for visualizing the ratio of tasks accomplished to tasks in motion, easy communication, and social messaging all with Basecamp. 

3. Google Apps

Google Apps provides from the ease of Gmail to the collective capacity of mutual schedules, assignments, and documents where other efficiency packages are low – possibly because the influence of traditional office applications is assimilated inside the collection.

google apps Employee Task Management

Furthermore If your productivity-tracking path is only starting and you’re uncertain what needs to be accomplished, RescueTime will be of good use. 

4. DropBox

Teaming with people around a house, community, or even the planet has been rendered simpler by “the web.”


All the Managers worldwide have found a perfect resource in DropBox for safe storage and saving of data.

5. Evernote

A star when it comes to productivity, Evernote has incorporated compatible boatloads and provides bolt-ons that enable users to combine anything from email to calorie consumption in one location.

Strong task and to-do list option, with the incorporation of the calendar, subtasks, and simple sharing, Evernote gives citizens the tools they can use for better efficiency and performance. 


If you really have to track your employee’s work process and increase your productivity, then Task management software, such as PlanStreet, provide the support options to monitor individuals to ensure further that the right amount of time is expended on projects, and that the team is functioning continuously during the day.

Do your research before deciding the best way to track your employee’s task management & increase your firm’s productivity.

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