Top 10 content marketing tips for 2020

Top 10 content marketing tips for 2020

Content marketing is evolving fast in terms of medium, type of content, standard, trends, and user preference. In the year 2020, it will definitely be different. Marketers are continuously figuring new ideas to bring in potential customers and engage with the audience. 

Moreover, In 2020, the success of your marketing content will considerably depend on how you revamp your strategies. We got everything you need, here we will talk about the significance of content marketing, basics, trends, and tips required to generate successful content that attracts the audience. 

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating and disseminating content that is relevant, valuable, effective, and engaging to the audience. The purpose of the content should be to inspire, educate, and aware of them about your business. 

Content marketing is totally about standard quality content that is relevant to your audience and engages them to take profitable action.

Here are some of the basics you need to know about content marketing and how it works.

Process of Content marketing

We will disintegrate the process of content marketing in the following steps:


The key is to plan your content marketing strategy well by understanding your audience. Know your audience by answering these questions: What are their needs, interests, and wants are? What topics will cover the interests of your audience? What message do you want to convey to your audience? You can run a survey to collect this information. Also, know who are your potential customers? Their age group, interests, occupation, location, and other personal information. This will help a lot in creating relevant content.

Set Goals:

Set realistic and practical goals you can achieve through your content marketing strategy, a time frame and what you hope to achieve till that time. It is important to achieve goals to make the business grow.

Creating content:

To create effective and engaging content you should know what goes in it 

  • Search good for keywords and incorporate them in your content
  • Write a detailed outline of what you writing, what problem your content will discuss, and who is your target audience.

Here are the top 10 content marketing tips for 2020 that will help you reach your goal of creating the best content

1. Multimedia Content

In this era of information and technology, people are bombarded with content through social media sites and the internet. The competition to gain the attention of your target audience has become harder than ever before. To gain attention for your business, plain content is not enough. You need multimedia content. 

Multimedia content grabs the attention of your customers and motivates them to actively engage with your brand. 

Multimedia content marketing is about using more than one medium of communication to reach out to your customers. It includes videos, illustrations, photographs, text, audio files, infographics e.t.c.

To create this type of content you need planning and optimization that sends out your message to your customers clearly. Also, know what your audience needs. Your content should be appealing to everyone for that you can use illustrations and images for people who like visuals more along with the text. Some people are attracted to videos and some like to consume content with ears for that you can create podcasts and audios. The aim is to spread your idea and message to as many people and in an effective way. 

2. Data-driven Content:

Data-driven content is about collecting data of your online audience figuring there likes and preferences and creating content that is personalized and effective.

It’s content can be created by conducting experiments, surveys, and case and research studies. And from the data derived you need to create a persona of your audience which means you should recognize who are your customers/audience are. For example, the average age group of your audience, their problems, how the company product can solve it? How does the customer search for the service/product? How do customers behave on websites? Number of visitors on your website and what do they care about.

Use all this information to create content that is relevant to your target audience and their preferences and attract them to take profitable action

3. Smart distribution:

A good content marketing is not only about quality content but also the smart distribution of the content so it reaches to maximum people. There are many mediums and ways through which you distribute your content smartly.

  • Paid advertising is one of the ways to disseminate your message. Where you pay the media platforms or companies to spread awareness of your brand to the targeted audience. And as the experts recommend to spend 40%-60% of your content budget in distribution. It increases your brand’s awareness, the content reaches the refined, related, and targeted audiences.
  • Then there are social media like Facebook, Instagram posts and companies owned media like website, corporate blogs, newsletter e.t.c. In addition to this, company news and content publicized to media. Spreading your content and brand awareness through this is cost-effective and has an extensive reach. 

4. Aware and educate the audience:

Your content should be delivering true value to your audience according to their preferences and needs. A content that gives updated information, awareness, and learning in some way.

Creating content that shows you care about your customers and try to provide information and help them resolve their problems or navigate them. Make sure you’re addressing the right issues by the persona you created of your targeted audience. It helps the audience build trust and have a positive impact on your brand.

5. Personalization:

 Content personalization is about delivering the content in a highly targeted way that calls for action. That means the content should be according to the audience and cater to their needs and wants.

 For that data is needed to be collected about the audience so that audience type and their preferences can be defined. It can either be collected through surveys and forms, Social media profiles, or IP addresses and cookies. Your content can be specified by the behaviour, location, or interest of your audience.  

6. Research:

Research is key when it comes to content marketing. Providing your audience irrelevant and unreliable information can impact your brand reputation negatively. To avoid it, it is important to research well about your content and how it caters to the audience. Always use a reliable source of information and plan your content well.   


Another aspect of researching for your content is to see what your competitors are creating, what strategies are they applying and what’s the audience responds. This will motivate you and give you ideas but always opt for a content that’s unique and not too similar to someone else’s content.

7. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is about sending commercial messages to a group of people. It builds relationships with your current and previous loyal customers. The content you share through the email should be appealing, interesting, and relevant. Along with this, It is a really effective content marketing strategy that allows you to connect to the customers on a personal level.

To make the email call to action and attractive, you can add images or invite the customer to visit your website or read the latest blog. Also, write a catchy subject line that relates to the body of the content as the subject line has the first impression on the reader. Deliver the content you mention in the subject line.

8. Engaging Content:

To write a content in addition to get more audience and gain attention here’s some ways:

  • Be Concise: Your content should be to the point and relevant. Get rid of the sentences that are boring and not related.
  • Proofread your work or get someone else to do it for you. Look out for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Also, sentence structure that can be better
  • Convey a story or interesting examples to make your content engaging
  • Write headings and subheadings. It attracts the audience and gives an overview of the content.
  • Use images, illustrations, and photographs to make the content appealing to the audience.

9. Artificial Intelligence

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is a simulation of human intelligence used for problem solving and time-saving. 

artificial intelligence tipsandteck

A.I. plays an important role in content marketing. It helps in analyzing user data and It helps companies understand their customers and personalize the content that appeals to their needs and interests.

 A.I. is generating content automatically like posts and reports. Also deploy chatbot that means a company can engage in conversation with every user, creating a good customer experience and helping the business grow.


Undoubtedly, To ensure that your company is supporting the customers and catering to their needs, getting feedback is really important. Feedback helps in improving the quality of the content, connecting with customers, and maintaining customer support system. 

It should be noted that the complaints and negative feedback from the customer help make the content as well as your product/service better and give the room to improve. And the good reviews can be efficient for promoting your brand, they also make content for your company branding. Getting feedback from the customers is beneficial in every way. 

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