Paid Media: Investment in Adverstising and Make a Profit

Paid Media: Investment in Adverstising and Make a Profit

Needless to say, the Internet is part of our day to day. We spend many hours connected, either from mobile devices (most of the time) or from desktop computers. If we have a business or a company, how can we take advantage of this situation? The average paid are the solution within the world of digital marketing. Promoting our products or services will be easier if we invest a small amount in paid media. In today’s article we tell you what paid media is and how to take advantage of investment in adverstising.

The Paid Media Strategy

The paid media strategy in digital marketing consists of paying a third-party medium to promote our products or services. In this way, with a certain investment, we will be able to reach more target audiences and the diffusion will be greater. Traditionally paid media are means of communication such as press, radio or television, but in the digital age we also include blogs, websites or text messages.

You can make paid ads on social media like Facebook and Instagram. They are a good way to reach your potential audience thanks to their great segmentation capacity. In this post we tell you in more detail how to campaign on social networks.

The objectives that we will achieve with paid media advertising are basically to get leads for our page and increase web traffic. This will end up translating into more possibility of conversions, and in this way we will recover the initial investment.

Advantages of paid media: earned media

Another way to promote is earned media. Earned media are the media that promote a product for free, just for the interest it generates in the public. That is to say, it is the same clients or followers who make us the promotion. They are earned media, for example, customer reviews or specialist recommendations. We have always said that it is important that they talk about us. If they get it right, we have free advertising.

The viral content, for example, is a way to promote a product that expands rapidly reaching thousands of users. The scope of this communication is exponential, and we will only have invested initially, therefore, we will reduce the investment considerably. The rest will come only if we have a good advertising strategy. If others speak well of you, it will be that you do your job well, and this message generates trust among other users, who can become potential customers and perhaps leads for Custom Video Animation.

Own advertising: owned media

On the other hand, owned media are the means available to the company itself to promote its products or services. In this case, it can be corporate websites, blogs, and profiles on social networks or apps.

With this type of advertising we will be able to reinforce the relationship between the brand and customers (both current and potential). In addition, we will create brand presence, which will make us be present in the day-to-day lives of our clients. And if we do our own promotion well, it will be easier to get earned media, that is, to promote our product or service without having to invest.  

Still, paid media is necessary for earned media and owned media to work well. That is, investing in online advertising will bring us benefits in other types of advertising.

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