Mistakes people make while creating Wikipedia page

Mistakes people make while creating Wikipedia page


Over the years, it has been clearly observed that a vast majority of business organizations and brands have been interested in getting a wiki page created for themselves and their organizations. Not only business organizations have shown this interest but in fact, most entrepreneurs and individuals’ workings in various fields have also been quite keen in getting wiki pages for themselves. 

Reasons For The Increasing Demand For Wikis: 

Now, it is obvious that if the demand for wiki pages is high in the market then they must be providing some benefits to their users otherwise why people and businesses would pursue them in such a way.

Increasing Demand For Wikis tipsandteck

According to many expert analyses, it has been reported that the creation and use of wiki pages for business organizations or brands or even individuals belonging to various fields is highly beneficial.

Most business organizations specially choose to get a Wikipedia page service and are willing to spend money in order to get these benefits as well. Here is a list of a few benefits that businesses and individuals have from the creation and use of wiki pages.

Wikipedia page service increase a business’s reputation

Businesses have been making use of wiki pages for more than two decades now and over the course of this time it has become clear that using wiki pages helps in boosting a business organization’s or brand’s overall reputation in the market.

Wikipedia page service is a well-known virtual platform that is highly regarded for its reliability and authenticity. When a business organization or a brand makes a wiki page, it becomes visible on this reliable platform. Its due to the fact, that it is present on a platform that provides authentic information, the reputation of the platform is affected in a highly positive manner.

Wikis help drive web traffic

According to many reports, many online businesses and brands have reported that using wiki pages have effectively helped them increase the volume of their web page’s web traffic.

web traffic tipsandteck

Wikipedia is one of the most heavily trafficked websites in the world and being present on such a website allows brands to channel the traffic from their wiki pages to their official web pages via hyperlinks and web page links. 

Wikis help increase online visibility

In this digital age having a powerful online presence is something that is now considered to be a need. It is not a matter of choice anymore because the whole world is using the internet these days and having an online presence provides brands and business organizations with amazing new business and growth opportunities.

By creating wiki pages and becoming present on a website like Wikipedia, brands and business organizations allow themselves to be visible in the eyes of millions of people.

online presence tipsandteck

Now, there are many other benefits of being present on Wikipedia for brands and business organizations, across the planet. However, the purpose of this blog is to provide insight on the most common mistakes most wiki writers make that get their wiki pages rejected. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by wiki writers.

Biased Tone OF Writing

One of the most common mistakes most beginners ten to make is to write in an opinionated tone. Wiki writers need to understand that the purpose of creating a wiki page is to provide information without adding any flavor or opinions in it and the best way it can be done is if they keep their writing tone neutral and stick to the facts.

If a wiki writer is inclined towards a certain idea on the page then the chances of their pages getting rejected are quite high.

Promotional Content

Most brands and business organizations wish to be present on this platform because they wish to engage their target audience and Wikipedia pages are a great tool for engaging target audiences. However, many writers lose their focus and start promoting the brand or their products on the wiki page.

If marketing is done in a passive way on Wikipedia then it is acceptable but direct promotion is not acceptable on wiki pages and gets your wikis rejected. 

The Writing Guidelines

Wikipedia provides a set of detailed writing guidelines and policies for everyone. Not being able to follow these guidelines gets your wikis rejected.   

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