How To Implement Sky Scrapper Technique (Case study)

How To Implement Sky Scrapper Technique (Case study)

People think just because they wrote a lengthy article, they could rank it easily on Google. Well, that’s not how it works. In order to rank on Google’s first page you need to have a clear strategy and a plan. In this article we will be showing you how to implement sky scrapper technique with the right strategy and I’ll show you proven case study with tested script so you can do the same. This strategy was created by Brian Dean back in 2016

But if you’re not familiar with the term Sky Scrapper Technique let’s take an overview.

What Is Sky Scrapper Technique?

Sky Scrapper Technique is a long term link building strategy that can generate tons of organic traffic and backlinks if you apply it properly.
This technique consist of 3 steps:

  • Find niche relevant content that has many backlinks.
  • Create more engaging and updated content.
  • Outreach it to the right audience,

How To Execute Sky Scrapper Technique ( Case Study + Tested Script)

Back in 2020 I implemented this strategy for my client (a UK based immigration solicitors firm). To imply it you need to think what kind of topic would best fit for your niche so I did some research.

Step #1: Find some really interesting topic

In order to do your research you need to find topics that have less competition and high search volume. I did my content research through BuzzSomo and since my niche was immigration related so I decided to write a guide for travelers who wants to visit UK.

My client’s website wrote an article back in 2019 about ‘UK visa guide 2019’ and in 2020 their were many new changes to their policies.
So I decided to write a complete visa guide for 2020.

For that you need to make a checklist. Start observing websites that are ranking for your specific keyword. you can use SEO Content Template to better understand and analyze your competitors. It tells you which related words to use

It will even tell you the length of page title, length of the content, where to use the keyword and every little detail that comes from that SERP

Step #2 Write something better and updated

After doing your in-depth research for which topic you gonna write keep these stats in mind:

your article should have images , infographics and headings that precisely explain your topic. If your competition has wrote an article ” 10 tips for content marketing” you should write “30 tips for content marketing”.

When I was writing down the article I figured out that all the articles that were ranking for my keyword had no images, Most of them were pdfs and the information was outdated.

So, in order to out ranked them I wrote a 2000+ word count article with informative infographics, proper internal links to other pages and a separate FAQ part to better answer every query.

Step #3: Outreach the right people

According to Ahrefs, the key to the successful execution of the Skyscraper Technique is email outreach. With the skyscraper technique, we can easily see what content is performing the best and being shared the most.

This should easily help us generate a constant supply of new ideas for blog posts and content marketing campaigns. When you create quality content and build a solid collection of backlinks, you check off two crucial SEO elements in establishing your site’s authority and value. These are the elements that often take the longest to get right, but creating skyscraper content will help set you up for long-term SEO success.

Most importantly don’t forget to keep track of your backlinks. Now that you’re familiar with the skyscraper technique and understand the power of backlinks in growing search visibility and brand awareness get out there and start building!

For this step you need to pre outreach your idea to all the websites that fit your niche and also to all the websites that are linking to your competition.

Writing a better content is not enough, you need to outreach the right people. There gonna be three stages for the outreach. ( Source – DataBI)

– Pre Outreach the idea

Hey [Name]

I was searching for some articles about [your topic] and I came across this page [URL]. I noticed that you are linking to one of my favorite articles – [Article Title]. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I created a similar article. It’s like [Name of the article], but more thorough and up to date. [URL-2]
Might be worth a mention on your page.
Either way, keep up the awesome work.

[Your name]

– Outreach to likely linkers

This article was a visa guide so I specifically outreach travel related websites because they were likely linkers. I used this script.

I’m an avid reader of your blog, love the travel roundups.

Do you have any upcoming round ups in the work? I have some great original content that my team has been producing. Topics include “Complete UK visa guide (2020) and as your website is travel related it would be a great fit.

The response from email outreach:

– Outreach the experts in the industry

For the very first part you need to outreach all the experts in the industry to help you write a complete guide on your specific topic. I made a spreadsheet and gathered all the relevant information about those experts. After that I sent them these messages.

I hope this email finds you in good health, I’m reaching out because I’m writing a new article titled ” A complete UK Visa Guide 2020″ and as you’re an expert in UK visa policies, I would to hear your insights and your ideas related to the topic maybe they might end up linking to your website in that article.

All experts were happy to help and “I will link back to you” really motivated them to be honest.


All this hard work helped me to rank my website ranked #1 on google.

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