How to do Email Marketing in 2020

How to do Email Marketing in 2020

Email-Marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brand, as it helps you connect with the audience directly. The use of email is growing each year and it is predicted to grow further. According to Statista, the number of email users has increased by over 4 billion in 2020 and almost 300 billion emails approximately are sent per day. 

It is quite evident from the numbers that email marketing is an ever-lasting strategy and it constantly will be evolving and adapting to technology. To stand in this continuously expanding and competitive field it is important to be consistent with the traditional marketing approach, as well as adapting with the technology and trends.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy for sending emails to your targeted customers and promote your business. It includes sending deals and offers to your customers, awareness about your brands/ Ads e.t.c.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

Promote sales

whether indirectly or directly, some people don’t mind having personalized emails sent to them, regarding discounts, new products, or new developments.

Increase web traffic: Emails are a great way to attract traffic to your website, blogs, or any of your specified content.

 Data collection

Email marketing allows you to create a persona of your consumers who voluntarily give their information, supported interest in your brand, that data becomes an asset of your business, which may facilitate to better understand your customers. In this case, Just make certain you’re up-to-date on all email and customer’s data storage.

 Maintain loyal customers

An everyday newsletter can keep your brand foremost in mind for a consumer. Altogether of your efforts, attempt to stay as near the customer as possible in and beyond acquiring transactions.

 Increase your brand recognition

Whether directly or indirectly, the way your company markets with email is a mirrored image of your brand. The whole end-to-end experience is formed by all customer touch points and interactions.

How to do Email marketing?

I have gathered here the most effective ways for how you can use email to reach your audience with the relevant content marketing tools needed in 2020.

Email lists:

This is the best way of communicating with your customers. So, it is important to build and grow your email Here are some points to help you cost-effectively build your email marketing strategy:

  • Know who your customers are. Create a marketing persona. The more you know about your audience the better. This way you’ll know their preferences and what social media site they use the most so, you ask for their email address.
  • Build a website that contains pages like contact, feedback, or simply have an opt-in form where subscribers can enter their email address.
  • You will need an email marketing service such as Mailchimp or Infusionsoft that organizes your email list and send emails.
  • Give people a reason to join your email lists such as offers and deals of real value or simply good knowledgeable content.

Optimise for mobile:

As we move into 2020, mobiles are being prioritized across all the digital marketing channels. Mobile traffic has increased a lot year by year and majority purchases are being made through mobile.

  • 53% of online shopping traffic comes from mobile phones.
  • Mobile devices account for more than 80% of all social media browsing.

Email Campaigns:

Email campaigns are a series of email messages the companies use to reach out to their potential customers. However, email campaigns differ and depend on the organization and its product or services. But some common email campaigns are essential for every organization.

email campaign
  • Promotional Campaign:

These are the most common and standard email campaigns essential for almost any organization. Build a positive image of your brand through email and establish trust with your subscriber. The first impression is important therefore, introduce your brand well, use the subscriber’s name, thank them, and show them the benefit of subscribing with your organization.

  • Welcome Emails:

For the most part, sending a series of introductory 3 or 4 welcome emails have the chance to build familiarity with your new subscriber and educate them about your brand. You should include your brand introduction, an invitation to your social media or website, and ask them for their information.

welcome email
  • Newsletters:

Many business and organizations send email newsletters to remain top of mind of their customers. Most industrial businesses use email newsletters as the foundation of their email marketing program because they’re great tools for educating customers and prospects about your business, further as showcasing employee profiles, company passion projects, and relevant graphics.

Newsletters are great not only for marketing prospects but also for nurturing your existing customers with company news and events, product announcements, and feedback requests.



Every customer has varied tastes, preferences, and interests. You need to focus on creating different customer segments based on their demographics and interests. You can then use these segments to send more relevant and tailored offers and recommendations to your customers and prospects. Your email can be specified by the behaviour, location, or interest of the subscribers.


Feedback is necessary if you want to recognize your customers and their needs and wants. Attaching a short survey or widget at the end of your email is very effective. For example:


Altogether, These were some of the email marketing strategies that will help grow and build your business as email marketing is one of the most functional and successful marketing strategies.


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