How To Create A Perfect Influencer Marketing Strategy?

How To Create A Perfect Influencer Marketing Strategy?

While it is rumored that the end of the empire of influencers is not too far away, influencer marketing indeed continues to be one of the most effective strategies for companies today. In fact, in our marketing report, 80% of the 600 industry professionals were interviewed. And they said they campaigned with these prescribers as a way to improve your brand perception. Also, reach out to new target customers and provide content capable of creating engagement. It seems then that effective marketing still has a lot to offer and it is not destroyed because it is not created, but is transformed into its goal.

But then what benefits can you expect from influencer marketing? What place should relationships with these professionals occupy within marketing strategies? What are the mistakes not to make and the best practices of companies that have been successful in this area? To answer all these questions, we are here to state our experience. Here we have relied on the experience of our influencer marketing plans. These are the conclusions we have drawn:

How Influencer Marketing can Boost Trust

As we mentioned in our report, 63% of millennials agree that, as a general rule, they are more likely to trust the opinions of influencers. Or other consumers than in the claims presented by the brands. Advertising on social networks is a more than effective tool. Because it can allow the company to precisely segment its audience. But the message will never be as effective as that issued by an influencer independent. Be it a blogger, journalist, or analyst. Because of the status of their credibility. It generates greater confidence in consumers looking for references.

An influencer who is considered an expert on a topic by his community (regardless of its size), he can manage to develop an affinity and credibility with his followers. He will have a power of prescription remarkable about the members of this community. And it is precisely here where the potential of Influencer marketing lies. The reason why any marketing strategy that wants to be classified under the label of “influence” must have the combination of Owned, Paid, and Earned Media, with a dedicated space to influencer marketing.

Influence, a matter of context

The most important step is to choose the best influencer that you want to present your brand. But the whole marketing strategy is the biggest challenge. This is because many companies have made serious mistakes in choosing their influencers based on their popularity. But, they don’t realize that it’s really important to consider the level of their relationship with their community. And it should be noticed if the brand wants to target it. For that reason, the relevance of an influencer to a brand depends entirely on the purpose and context in which it is located. This context can also be determined by the type of product. Because you can give an opinion based on that influential person who is also interested in you and your geographical location.

Fashion and beauty brands recognize that you don’t always have to work with an Influencer with a huge fan base to achieve effective results. The quality of the content, the engagement they generate, and the experience are the three basic aspects.

The companies take into account these when making their choice. And that can take the number of followers to fourth place. If we review the results obtained in the aforementioned study Status of Influencers Marketing, only 20.6% of brands bet on the so-called “mega influencers”, with more than 500 thousand followers, or celebrities with more than a million and a half followers.

The vast majority of companies, specifically 45.8%, are committed to micro-influencers. These being the ones they consider to be the most effective when it comes to connecting with their target audience.

How to Personalize the contact

With the previous point in mind, it is obvious then that working with different influencers no longer works. You have to know who the opinion leaders are with whom you are going to collaborate, what their needs are, and what is the context in which they move. So that the connection between brand and influencer is closer. It can offer consumers a closer and more honest image of the product.

And we must not forget that one of the factors that are becoming more important in recent times is, precisely, the context. Nowadays, matching the real interests of consumers is a necessity. And there is no better way to do it than through an opinion leader. He shares with the company and its followers their daily interests, making them connect.

How to Create value for the influencer

The latest data collected in our study Status of influencer marketing shows that 27% of professionals in the sector consider that influencers collaborate with brands for financial compensation.  20% consider that for advertising and 18.8% for gifts. The truth is that, although all these factors are undoubtedly important.

The data presented in a previous study on influencer marketing reveals that 31% of them expect collaboration in their content creation processes. And 28% seek exclusive information, two factors normally ignored by brands. In short, the influencers Fashionistas not only expect economic or material benefits but also look for elements from their brand that allow them to increase their influencer status in front of their community and also a long-term collaboration.

 A good example is that of music festivals. The organization invites them to publicize their event while these professionals gain the opportunity not only to experience the experience but also a tool to increase interactions on their blog, increase traffic and strengthen ties with their community. 

What is the ROI of Influencer Marketing Strategy

To conclude this article, we recall the need to measure the ROI of Influencers’ strategies with brands. What is the level of interaction and collaboration of the brand with the influencer and vice versa? Also what impact the influencer’s actions create in generating business opportunities are two of the most essential questions that influencer marketing must be able to answer before the company.

The engagement increased web traffic and sales impact are the three main forms used by companies to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns with influencers. Thus they are the most effective way to know if your influencer marketing campaigns are getting results.

 A final tip? It doesn’t make sense to start your strategy with hundreds or thousands of influencers. Start small, personalize the contact, and increase your focus as you go.

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Martin Brown is a professional digital marketer and blogger at Jocial for several years. He serves and contributes to a lot of brands. His managing capacity helps many marketers to develop their business and online presents.

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