Create Your Own Blog Website for Google AdSense.

Create Your Own Blog Website for Google AdSense.

As technology is evolving we are experiencing the blessing of technology to its best and it’s beyond our imagination that how people all over the globe are creating blogs and entire businesses online and earning online through platforms like Google Adsense?

Can you imagine that a combination of text, blended with a series of images holds the magic in itself?

Who would believe that people would like to show interest in our scattered thoughts?  

How to generate revenue from Google AdSense?

How to generate revenue

Explore your ideas 

If you are thinking to start a blog, you don’t need to have a big idea but your blog should be focused on something specific.

But, you have unique experiences. You have a distinct voice. Have your own unique experiences with a distinct voice and it will be an add-on if you have a vibrant personality that will attract others like your family & friends.

Now let’s get to work: when it comes to deciding your blog’s niche, you need to be aware of two key questions.

  • Do I enjoy learning about this topic?
  • Are there others who are interested in the same things?

Get a start with web hosting

Now selecting a name and web hosting is one of the essential steps because your blog name is your brand that will represent your products and services in the market. This is your time to take action and gain momentum. 

Install WordPress 

Without blogging software, you can’t start a blog. WordPress is one of the best choices for starting a blog because it’s easy to use, free, and a powerful platform. If you decide to make a blog that’s not on WordPress you’ll find that it is much more costly.

Now Why WordPress?

Because WordPress provides you thousands of free plugins that allow you to modify your blog as per your requirement. WordPress is a feature-rich CMS that allows bloggers to create, edit, & publish content. You don’t need to have technical skills for installing WordPress.

Another reason is that WordPress offers you create, publish, and share webpages whereas you only have to pay for the custom name & web hosting.

WordPress design theme

It’s important to choose the right theme and there is no doubt that WordPress offers you one of the amazing and finest design themes in the blogging world. WordPress comes with several interesting new themes.

Customize and Optimize your WordPress Blog

WordPress provides you endless customizations that you can make on a WordPress blog and themes are the foundation of your design including the core functionalities. Plugins also can be added to extend the functionality of your blog.

Brainstorm blog topics

Now that your blog is all set-up and ready to shine bright. You will come near the topic of generation, the world is your Pandora box. However, the majority of your blog posts will come from successes, personal experiences, passions, failures, & new learnings so on.

Generally what we use to do at first is search a quarries of questions, like:

  • Should I start blogging? 
  • What should I write about?

On a personal note: It’s not that complicated at all and it won’t take very much time of yours.

We have gone through the lens of our readers with these following questions:

  • What are the common challenges our readers go through?
  • Which niche do our readers love?
  • What excites or intrigues passion in our readers?

As we know that sky’s the limit. You will get tons of answers, you can get your blog posts ideas from each answer.

Write your first masterpiece

In addition to that, WordPress provides you an intuitive editor very much similar to our favorite word processing tools. Here is a WordPress admin you can directly create new entries easily. Vs

As a beginner, you might not be aware of it, these are two different platforms. 

Let’s see how? provides you an end-to-end solution to start your free website. All you have to do is just sign-up, and you are all set to build your website.

On the other hand, is an open-source website platform that can be used only through a paid hosting account. In the end, it’s all up to you to decide which platform suits best for your requirements.

Monetize your Blog

Here we come to the last step of the blog creating process and that is how to monetize your blog?

There are many conventional styles of selling that can be helpful, like:

  • Think of an idea.
  • Create a product.
  • Try and sell the product.
  • File for bankruptcy.

Now I agree that the above mentioned ideas have been unsuccessful for so many individuals and businesses because they didn’t build an audience before creating it.

What the market demands off depends on “gut feelings.”

And, that’s why blogging is the perfect channel for monetization.

Here Google AdSense comes into the picture where you can build a strong audience and earn well. Apart from this, you can also build an audience through various mediums, like your email newsletter, affiliate marketing, courses, a podcast, blog comments, and social media channels.

Ask your audience

From start to end the hard work and smart work you have given into your blog is all for your audience out there right! 

This means blogging allows people into your life. If you think of your favorite bloggers, you might feel like you know them and feel connected on a somewhat personal level.

This also helps in your market research and for better communication, you can also ask questions at the end of the blog posts that will generate several comments.

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