Choosing the Right WordPress Theme – 5 Simple Tips You Need to Follow

Choosing the Right WordPress Theme – 5 Simple Tips You Need to Follow

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, powering around 60% of websites, which is undoubtedly a huge thing. WordPress website offers a business complete flexibility in terms of customization as well as the trust of WordPress hosting and security. So, if you are already planning to design your website, it is most likely that you will be choosing WordPress as your potential choice for the website development platform and it is hard to find the right WordPress theme for your site. 

Right WordPress Theme

Now, when you are trying to design a search engine friendly website and looking for companies that offer SEO services to outsource SEO, have you thought about the appearance of your website? WordPress themes are the definitive factor for whether the site you are designing will be impressive and appealing or not. Installing WordPress themes is no big deal. WordPress is the platform where you can find a plethora of options for free themes and plugins for customizing your website. But when it comes to choosing the right theme, you might be at a loss. So, here, in the following points, I am going to discuss with you how you can choose the right WordPress theme for your business. 


Decide Whether You will Go Free or Choose Paid

This debate will always go on. Whether you should go for the free themes or take advantage of the premium paid themes. Now, if you try to compare, each has its own perks. Hence, before you decide, you need to take a look at the advantages they have to offer. 

Advantages of Free WordPress Themes

They are free and hence more flexible for changing if you don’t like them or want to change them.

free themes

You get the trust of the WordPress Repository that reviews the free themes for the platform. 

These themes are entirely compatible with the WordPress plugins which means you get complete control over customization. 

Advantages of Premium Paid Theme

You get 24/7 support for bugs, technical issues, and customization

Frequent updates will improve the security of your website

You get complete freedom for creating your website with any feature you want

Bought from a trusted marketplace, the premium themes on WordPress are compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, HTML, CSS, and PHP. 

For paid themes, you need to go for onetime payment or yearly payment. However, for a small business with budget constraint, opting for free themes can be a good option. This way, you can have a custom website within small budget. For choosing the free theme and customizing it, you can connect with a company offering WordPress web development.

Know Your Niche

Theme of a website should be completely in sync with the niche of your business. For that you need to ensure you are completely aware of the website and the business niche. For example, the design of an ecommerce website will be completely different from that of an informative website offering manuals for software or a blog site showcasing amazing food and recipes. That is why you need to find the right theme according to your business niche. For that, conduct a research, find out what your competitors are doing and finally, what unique touch you can add to the website. 

Use Credible Sources

Using free themes is surely a good idea when you are dealing with budget constraint. But when you are planning to use free theme, you need to know that all the free themes are available on WordPress might not be free from bugs, bad coding, virus and spam. Anyone who can develop a theme for WordPress can do it and upload for installation. However, while you are choosing one free theme for WordPress, you need to look at the reviews of WordPress Repository. And when you are opting for a theme, free or paid, you need to look for the following factors, 

  • Author reputation for the theme
  • How frequently you will get updates
  • Positive customer review
  • Number of sales

The crux is, you need to avoid the themes that can cause longer loading time, increase bounce rate, cause downtime for business, lack of protection and lose visitors. That is why you need to work on the themes that have credible sources. 

Look for Responsive Design

When you are designing a website, you need to keep in mind that a huge number of your visitors are actually accessing your website while they are on the go. Now, you might think of developing an app. But in case of budget constraint, designing a responsive website is a better option as it will seamlessly fit in any screen size. Also, even if you have an app, a responsive web design will keep you ahead as Google prefers these websites rather that the static ones. If you hire any reputed company offering WordPress web design services, they will suggest you the same. Hence, go for the themes that are responsive. 

Evaluate Theme Support

Maybe you are hiring an expert WordPress developer. But there might arise some issues that can be solved only by the theme developer. That is why you need to opt for the theme that will have a developer or their support team that will help you resolve the issue without much delay. And that is why you need to consider the fact that most of the free themes actually come without much support from the developers. In this case, opting for the premium themes can be the best option. 

Consider All Features

There are some default features that come with the WordPress theme. These features can be available in both free and premium themes. They will include,

  • Social media sharing
  • Built-in feature for SEO
  • Compatibility with cross-browser
  • Easier site creation facility with WordPress Page Builders
  • Compatibility with the popular plugins
  • Easy translation ability
  • Support for ecommerce

Check for these features when you are choosing themes or find out if these can be customized according to your requirements. 

So, now as you know how you can find which theme you should go for, don’t waste time. Start consulting an expert WordPress developer and set the ball rolling. 

About The Author:

Mitali Purkait Ghosh is the co-founder and CEO of Digital Concepts, an emerging company offering WordPress web design services along with SEO, SMM, and Content Writing. Here she writes on choosing the right WordPress theme while going for WordPress web development.

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