Best Laptops for Video Editing 2021

Best Laptops for Video Editing 2021

If you wish to be a content creator on YouTube you’re definitely searching for a suitable laptop to serve your objective.

Plus they can’t work without a high-quality laptop that includes the best characteristics for editing videos, storage space, and also a few other variables.

As technologies are evolving daily, laptops will also be getting innovative. Daily a few new laptops are becoming launched by various businesses that are coming up with new features and advantages.

But you need to be careful when choosing among yourself. There are numerous laptops offered on the market but choose according to your affordability and necessary attributes.

Therefore, if you’re a content creator who’s on the lookout for a suitable laptop this guide is for you to buy the perfect video editing laptop.

What Factors To consider while buying Laptop For Video Editing

The laptops that are generally being used by the content creators of YouTube are different from that of routine laptops in many ways.


 They need lightweight laptops, as there are lots of vloggers who travel a great deal and create videos and upload them to the go. They need laptops that are easier to continue while traveling.

Video Editing Facility

So they need powerful laptops that can support this software. Only then can provide the best quality video for people to watch.

They generally require top-end hardware using multicore processors for their editing purposes. These laptops should also own a huge storage drive.


Video manufacturers need laptops that can run at a great speed and won’t hang even while using various software.

Easy Update

All these videos making laptops get upgrades more readily than any normal laptop. You may even change any particular part of it’s not working correctly. Though high quality, these laptops are a breeze to use.

High Durability

While regular laptops can operate up to five years without becoming slow or creating any problem, a luxury vlogging laptop will work up to ten years without producing any issue. Thus, it’s similar to an investment.

You Should Consider this Specification For Video Editing


Always check to get a laptop that has an effective multi-core processor, that may produce the procedure for editing faster for you. Intel’s Core i7 array provides 6 cores alongside hyperthreading that’s required for 4k video editing. You should start looking for a Core i5 or equal for 1080p videos.


RAM shouldn’t be under 16 GB. Normal laptops normally have 8 GB RAM. However, to make the laptop work correctly without slowing down while still launching applications, choose 16 GB or 32 GB RAM.

Storage Space

4k raw footage or 1080p video usually requires up to many hundred GBs. Thus YouTube vloggers generally search for laptops that have 512 GB SSD or 1 TB hard disk.

A quick SSD may have a transport rate varying between 500 MB/second to 3 GB/second, which is vital for getting footage fast for editing.


For editing functions, you’ll require a laptop with a 15-inch screen and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It’s possible to go around 4k resolution. It’s also wise to check the color precision as not all screens are calibrated evenly.


Some editing software is based upon the picture card for working correctly. Thus, ensure that your laptop has different images as a low-level picture card is only going to make your job more difficult.

Battery Life

These video laptops typically call for a great deal of electricity and drain electricity very quickly than normal laptops. Thus, be certain if you intend to use your laptop for video editing and editing functions then it’s long-lasting battery life.

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