Best Android Launchers in 2021

Best Android Launchers in 2021

Tired of how your Android device looks? Come on, change the theme on your Android device. The theme or launcher is a part of the Android operating system that we can customize ourselves. No need to bother making it yourself because now many android launchers are available that can be used directly.

What are the best android launchers in 2021

Choosing the right android launcher for your mobile depends upon your usability, how you want to organize your home screen, where you want your social apps and which app you want to hide. Below are the best android launchers in 2020.

1. C Launcher

C Launcher best android launchers

The best Android theme application is named C Launcher. You don’t need to bother changing themes, because C Launcher users will make it easier to find and install the desired theme quickly without being slow.

First, you only need to find the theme you want, then download the theme that you think is right. After that, install the downloaded theme using C Launcher. Quite easy, fast, and practical. Want to try using C Launcher? 

2. APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher best android launchers

Want a stylish, smart, fast, safe, small, and personalized themeThen download the APUS Launcher applicationThis is a launcher application that is ready to offer a variety of interesting and cool Android themes.

There are more than 50,000  wallpapers that have been prepared, not to mention additional features such as a  battery saver, smart folder, flashlight,  and many more. The good thing is, the application that has been downloaded by more than 5 million times has 19 language options including India. Pretty good, right?

3. CM Launcher 3D

CM Launcher 3D

This application is offered by the developer CM Security which is also included in the ranks of the best Android antivirus. CM Launcher is 19 MB in size so it doesn’t take up too much storage space and your device’s system.

This theme application is also integrated with CM Security, so if you download this application you will also get a built-in antivirus. One of the most important things, CM Launcher 3D can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store.

4. Nova Launcher

Nova launcher

Nova Launcher can change icons, layouts, and animations on Android devices. This application is also equipped with features to back up and restore the screen display when you don’t want to use your old device.

Nova Launcher application has been made by TeslaCoil Software and has received a positive response because the application is lightweight and easy to use. This application is also quite fast in presenting the latest Android themes. Nova Launcher is available for free on the Google Play Store.

5. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher

This iconic theme application provides a customized home screen with 9 options. You can also change the appearance of icons and applications as you wish. The application offered by Android Does provides a free and pro version.

If you don’t want to pay, you can download the free version which provides quite a complete set of features. Apex Launcher has been installed on Android devices up to 50 million times. This application can be installed on almost all Android devices.

6. POCO Launcher 2.0

POCO Launcher 2.0

POCO Launcher 2.0 is one of the best launcher and theme apps selected by Caris Signal. This is also recognized by POCO Launcher 2.0 getting the title of one of the best applications in 2018 according to PlayStore. Well, as the best application, of course, POCO Launcher 2.0 has several advantages.

One of the advantages of this application is its minimalist design, making it suitable for those of you who like simple but fashionable themes. Apart from that, POCO Launcher 2.0 also provides a  dark mode. There is also a light search feature so you can browse lightly and easily. And most importantly of all, this application is very light at only 12MB.

7. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft android launchers

Don’t be discouraged if you are not a Microsoft mobile user because you can still feel “like” using a Microsoft mobile with this launcher. Microsoft Launcher, one of the launchers made by Microsoft. This is intended for all Android users who want to have a theme like Microsoft’s HP.

What are the advantages of Microsoft Launcher? here you can use Cortana, a helper system to make it easier for you to control your gadget. Then, you can also connect your cellphone to a PC with Microsoft Launcher. Not only that, but you can also control Microsoft Office applications more easily in Microsoft Launcher. Quite complete,  right?

8. Evie Launcher

 Evie Launcher android launchers

Furthermore, this time the Caris signal wants to recommend Evie Launcher. This one application also has a simple theme design appearance and looks modern. So, Evie Launcher is perfect for those of you who like themes without lots of ornaments or stickers. Apart from the design, Evie Launcher also has quite complete features.

Some of the excellent features that Evie Launcher offers are universal search, quick navigation, custom shortcuts, and personalization. Apart from these four main features, Evie Launcher also adds other new features, one of which is choosing the search engine you like, which can be Google, DuckDuckGo, or Bing. Interested in using this application?

9. Launcher iOS 14

As the name implies, this application is for those of you who want to have a theme like iPhone users.

For its features, it also applies a display similar to the features in iOS 14. In the iOS 14 Launcher, you can also use assistive touch. Also, controlling it is similar to using an iPhone. Curious to try?

If you want a theme like the Samsung Galaxy S10, you should try this One S10 Launcher app. Well, this application can be run for all Android users with Android OS 4.0 and above. Also, One S10 Launcher provides attractive and unique wallpapers to enhance the appearance of your cellphone. Want to try using this launcher?

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From the list of the best Android theme applications above, which application would you like to install on your device? Also, there are many apps that are banned on android so you have to keep them in mind too. 

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