17 Untapped Ways To Find New Content Ideas For Your Blog

17 Untapped Ways To Find New Content Ideas For Your Blog

Reading is boring for many but it becomes interesting if the content can make you stick to it.

Writing relevant content is necessary whether it’s a business site or a normal news article. 

It attracts customers and establishes your share in the market. If the content has relevant details about your brand and describes you skillfully then the success is just a few steps ahead.

New views stick to your website if it has relevant content. It adds traffic to your website which results in increased viewers.

One of the biggest roles that content plays in the field of digital marketing is enhancing SEO. The use of correct keywords is a way that optimizes your website.

Correct contents can speak a lot on your behalf and make you look like a professional in your field. It reflects your dedication and way of doing.

Hence, the content is highly important. That’s why before starting a business the owner works to get good content for his website.

New content generating ideas

new content ideas

1. Use Google image tags

Images have related words written on top of them. It’s good if you use them on your content as these words are the closest.

img tag

You can combine all the words to create convincing and relevant content. 

2. Facebook Ad library

By checking the facebook ad library you can easily have the idea of what kind of content advertisers are putting out and what new topics are trending. Check out what’s your competitors are running after.

You have to find niche relevant topics and analyze how and where they are integrating their target keywords.

facebook ad library

The content is effective that’s why they are paying for it. Make a note of what kind of words and phrases are being used.

3. Blog comments

Blog comments can turn out to be a big help for you. Track down your most trending topic on your site and head out to its comment section and you will get to see what you audience say about the article and what new topic they wanna see.

If they are asking about specific content or topic then pay attention to it. Ignoring it will not be beneficial for you.

4. The Reddit keyword research tool

The Reddit Keyword Research tool is everyone’s choice nowadays.

 It does not suggest related keywords for a given word instead, it shows what people are talking about the most. This means you get a chance to peep into the minds of people.

reddit keyword research tool

And you can work accordingly!

5. Exploding topic tool

When you write on some new topic it gives you superiority because no one has written about it. You get more viewers.

The tool helps you to find what people are searching for the most and you can find a list of topics there.

6. Competitor’s Youtube channel

You find their most popular videos. You can find what is working for them.

The topics are not only good for Youtube videos.

youtube for new content ideas

You can use them for blog posts and infographics.

7. Product hunt

They have a daily product of the day. These products will let you know the problems that people are facing.

Based on those problems you can choose a new topic to write on. It will add traffic as people would like to solve their queries.

8. Google Analytics

By analyzing your landing pages report you can easily tell which topic the audience is reading and how much more topic variation you can add for that specific content.

google analytics for new content ideas

You can figure out what’s doing well for you.

9. Ahrefs content explorer

Through Content explorer tool, you can easily find content that is trending and can find relevant topics by searching any keyword in a database of over billion web pages.

ahref for new content ideas

you can see the topic’s popularity and you can easily choose which topic you should be writing.

10. Content relaunch technique

This technique will give you more scope for betterment. Keeping the earlier topic in the center you can create refreshing content from it.

This will increase your traffic much more than previous was.

 11. Yearly guides

You can bring yearly guides on those topics that are highly trending.

Because a lot of people write on them it is tough for you to rank the best. Bringing out guides will increase a fair amount of traffic.

 12. Content swipe file

The Swipe file shows you the results of the interesting content. It might not be related to your topic.

This can turn out to be an inspiration for you.

13. Google’s searches

Here you can find low-competition long-tail keywords. Then, you need to find related searches for that broad topic and a list of topics will be shown. 

You can find a new topic easily after this.

14. Super-low competitive words

You can make a list of such keywords whose CTC is greater than $2. This way you can have better keywords.

15. A\B rankings keyword questions tool

This tool will show you the questions that people are asking.

You can answer them through your content. This is a straightforward and easy way to find new content ideas.

16. Podcast title and descriptions

Nowadays, everybody listen to podcast related to their favourite genre, so its really easy to find your niche related videos. Once you find your video you can easily find all new content ideas and search for episodes related to your keyword.

you can find the best podcast list from here.

17. Pinterest

Besides Google Pinterest also works in the same way.

You can use it to find keywords. Like Google, it is very easy to use. You just need to type a word and you will a long list.

Concluding words

Content creation matters a lot in today’s time. No one likes to read the same content again and again.

But yes, if you have ability to present it in a new way then you can figure out the problem of bringing out something new.

Keywords are fixed for a topic you just need to have a look at it from all the angles. You just need to turn the things upside down to bring something new.

Before writing the content you should be aware of the need of people. Writing about a new topic with irrelevant content is of no use.

People’s preference should always be in your mind because they are the ones who are going to add traffic to your blog or website.

Hope these new content ideas will work for you! Good Luck.

Author Bio:
Lavanya is a Digital Marketer, blogger and is working at Suprams. She had worked with many businesses and helped increase their business presence.

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