11 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Website Design

11 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Website Design

Website design flaws are very normal and with any decent understanding, everyone can correct them. Errors are part of a process but errors in the site design lead the company to lose clients. Since we know that mobile users continue to grow in huge numbers every day, most internet traffic has come from mobile devices, which implies that the website should be mobile-friendly. 

Although anything on the internet is readily accessible and it doesn’t affect your wallet, people believe they should make their website. They don’t need a web development company to build a website, they’re saying website development business is useless.

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Free themes and plugins bring people to web creation but they make mistakes mainly because of limited information about programming and coding. In a single application, they choose to use all the free models, resulting in dynamic web design. A web designer can often make missing errors or losses in thought when designing a website.

Let’s immerse yourself in some of the could mistakes that deter you from building a successful website. 

Complicated User Interface  

Virtually every website owner and even web designer find the first and foremost error is complex UI. The web designers kept introducing templates and blocks to provide more functionality and appealing user experience on the website. This style of web design does not have user-friendly performance. Try to maintain as basic a web template as you can. Sensitive web design not only means a conveniently open web interface across all handheld devices but also allows users in terms of user-friendly design.

Too many call-to-action incentives

Typically customers leave the platform if it offers several incentives for purchasing something. Obviously, you’d like to be heard but being pushy won’t deliver the desired outcome anyway. Instead, customize your landing page and offer a short, straightforward, and concise statement of call-to-action on the web.

No Contact Information

It’s necessary to offer consumers a variety of ways to get in contact with you. The wiser way is to create a “Contact Us” page that leads to a full account, number, and email address for details. This link will appear on your website on every page. And if no one else calls, the very presence of such information gives the channel real-world legitimacy and clarification and surprises certain audiences.

Cluttered Pages

When a website is packed to the full with text and visuals, it is highly frustrating. As a consequence, the customer barely keeps any knowledge. This is exactly the reverse of your key objective. Using white spaces to define the contents. Choose a minimalist design and seek not to update the website with icons or text or photos. Use white spaces whenever possible to avoid a congested look in the design.

Wrong Choice of Typography

Choosing the best font varieties for your website can be a difficult job but your efforts are not going to go in vain. If you get it all right, you’d have reports coming in. The influence of typography is frequently underestimated; it can potentially make or destroy your whole website design. We would suggest you experiment with color combinations, fonts, and other typography elements. Pay heed to the feedbacks of your site visitors and you would eventually arrive at an appealing design.

Orphan Pages

An orphan page is a domain on the website that has no simple path back to the website. With all the efforts you made into planning and improving your website, it would be a disappointment if your users were to withdraw from your website simply because it couldn’t guide them back to your homepage. If you are seeking a minimal solution to landing on your main page then put a “Home” connection on will tab, and make your site logo a connection back to your home page — it will be effective.

Difficult to Locate the important link 

Relying on the target group and presenting them with what they want is quite difficult. The user can’t quickly find a clear link in poor web design, e.g return policy, office hours, contact information, etc. If some links are obscured or lost then users are frustrated and the back button is clicked on. Placing all relevant likes on the homepage is a safe idea. Best location position of a significant website link in Footer. Try to keep Footer’s architecture simple and reliable, so users can quickly reach out with details.

Ignoring Social Network Linking

The idea is that social networking is here to remain and companies are gaining from getting a presence online. Neglecting a connection to social networking sites is not a great idea. Users should be able to move effortlessly from one to another. Using social networking to advertise your company and bring clients to your website can succeed even if you make it convenient for people to switch from one to the other. If you do the proper job, you will bring a lot of traffic to your website.


This is probably a major gaffe people are making when it comes to web design. If programmers force the scroll bar to function differently on a web page, it is known as scroll jacking. Usually, it’s achieved by inserting an animation with a set scroll level. Often you would find that in websites that have a sequence of slides instead of a standard vertical display. Strive not to apply that to the web design. Maintain a regular scrollbar that is consistent throughout.

Slow Server Times

Slow load times are unacceptable for reputable websites, which discourages people from using the page. It influences several important metrics. If pages take longer than necessary to load, the User Experience on your site will have a negative impact. This is important because any time your UX hits, your conversion rate is the same. If the site is loading considerably quicker than that, place it on a diet — images could be too big or unique add-ons, can slow it down.

Information is outdated

Old and obsolete content needs to be replaced by a new one just as necessary as your old home furniture does. Make sure you keep the web updated and up-to-date every day for the best performance. You can’t afford the loss of trust that comes from having dated content. Also, make sure the material is correct, and if you happen to locate a single mistake, repair it instantly.

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